Q. How do I work with items in My Favorites in BU Libraries Search?

  Jul 10, 2019

To view the items in My Favorites click on the pushpin icon in the upper right of the page. If you have not signed in (see below), you will see the items you selected during the current session in the temporary list. If you have signed in, you will also see items saved from previous sessions.

Each item will display the item type, title, author, citation and availability. 

Click the citation icon to copy a formatted citation or export it to a citation manager.
Click the email icon to email a link to the item in BU Libraries search. Note that this is only a link, not the actual item for electronic resources such as journal articles.
Click the unpin icon to remove the item from the My Favorites list.
Click the Show actions options to also access Print and permalink.


Clicking on the title will display more information about the item and the all the actions.

Signing in allows items and searches to be saved between sessions. Sign in by clicking the Sign In button in the upper right of the page; it will say Guest until you mouse over it. You will then be asked for your BU user name and password. If you have already signed into BU during your current browser session you will not be asked for your credentials again, but it is still necessary to click the Sign In button to sign into BU Libraries Search.

Once you are signed in, any previously saved items will be displayed in the My Favorites list, the items you added during the current session will be saved, and you can organize items with labels. You can add multiple labels to an item, and you can filter your list by label. Click on the Label icon to add or remove labels.

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