Q. How do I find industry reports or overviews?

  May 21, 2019

A great place to start is the Industry Survey Locator. This is a search tool that pulls from several Pardee Library databases to help you find reports on a given industry.* Simply enter your query in the search box for a list of relevant sources.

For more information on finding industry reports/overviews, please see our Industry Information Sources guide.

*Please note that the Industry Survey Locator is not a comprehensive search of all of Pardee Library's databases. In other words, the library may have access to additional reports related to your query that will not appear in the search. This is most likely to occur with highly-specialized, cutting-edge industries—for example, nanotechnology.

If you are unsatisfied with the results you receive from the Industry Survey Locator, you might try searching within one of the more specialized databases, such as Frost & Sullivan or Gartner Research. Otherwise, you are welcome to make a research appointment with a Pardee Library reference librarian. 

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