Q. Where do I find Gini coefficients?

  Dec 05, 2023

The World Income Inequality Database (United Nations University's World Institute for Development Economics Research) provides various measures of income inequality for 152 countries or areas in some cases dating back to pre-1960.

World Development Indicators lists the latest Gini coefficient. For previous points in time, go to the BU Libraries Search box and conduct a title search for World Development Report. Also, consult the regional Human Development Reports which may also be found through the catalog.

For a historical dataset covering 1890-1996, use the Measuring Income Inequality Database.

The University of Texas Inequality Project is concerned with measuring and explaining movements of inequality in wages and earnings and patterns of industrial change around the world. Coverage includes national and regional inequality data for Argentina, Brazil, China, Cuba, Europe, India, Russia, and the United States. National and industrial inequality data for Taiwan is also included.

The Luxembourg Income Study Key Figures provides summary level national statistics as well as gender inequality statistics.

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