Answered By: Ellen Phillips
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We realize that not all our graduate students will go on to academic careers. We believe that being informed about open access is important no matter what choices you make after you graduate.


Open access for new knowledge you produce means a more significant contribution to your field: the more people can find your work, the greater its potential benefit to others. The more people can find your name attached to work that you’ve done, the better you look to employers.

Open access to others’ work is also critical while you’re doing your research. BU may or may not have subscriptions to journals you need; you may or may not find what you need through interlibrary loan (and if you do, it will take a while to get to you). Research is aided enormously by easy, often keyword-based access to knowledge.

This holds no matter what you do in life. Whether you farm, help an ill relative, or are in a position to decide whether nations should go to war, access to knowledge is critical to the fullness of our collective life.

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